Antrametal is one of the most modern mould makers in Turkiye, serving the worldwide automobile, aviation and electronic industries with its innovative high-pressure die casting mould solutions. With its passion, inventive engineering, evolutionary and dynamic mindset, innovation, and worldwide experienced solution partners, Antrametal generates sustainable solutions for the automobile, aviation, and electronic industries.
High Technological Production Equipments (Flir A300 Thermal Camera)...

Thermal Management

Thermal managemet of the die system is the key factor to achieve desired results from die system. With our SDC concept best design is simulated by the help of state of the art simulation softwares and compared with the Thermal Camera analyzing results at subsequent trial casting operation

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The SDC and ZM Concepts gives you minimizing energy costs...


Die casting dies for production of automotive components are Antrametal's main competence field. We know that aluminium components used in automotive applications has great importance on our sustainable mobility and trasportation.

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Antrametal developed the SDC concept (the art mold making techniques)...

SDC Concept

Die casting dies are the modern technological equipments to produce an aluminium component in most economical and environmentally friendly way. To make the process most sustainable both for economical and environmental projection Antrametal developed SDC concept die system. This system includes state of the art mold making tehcniques to minimize production costs of a component nearly half of previous level if the production number of the die cast components is above feasable level.

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