In the intricate tapestry of High Pressure Die Casting, where engineering complexities weave a narrative, there arises a need for a balletic, sustainable, and low-maintenance dance—where the choreography unfolds within the artistry of a high-end design, a meticulously optimized runner, and a thermal design that resonates with finesse. In this ballet, energy is not just used; it is a symphony of optimized low usage, an ethereal dance of maximum efficiency that orchestrates the very heartbeat of sectoral stability.

      A die casting mold, akin to a brushstroke on a canvas, holds transformative power. A mold, perfectly tuned with 100% precision, becomes the maestro of quality, elevating the producer's artistry and economic advantage by a resounding 80%, thereby amplifying the producer's competitive prowess.

    Embracing the virtuosity of high technology, interwoven with a tapestry of engineering competence and seasoned experience, Antrametal stands not just as a supplier but as a muse—a steadfast and supportive partner. With a customer-centric approach and the mastery of high-pressure die casting dies, Antrametal dances in harmony with the aspirations of those who seek excellence.


General Aplications and Techniques:


  • Mold and Part Engineering (Adapting to HPDC, Part Design for HPDC)
  • Thermal Optimization ( with Flow3D)
  • Runner Design and Optimization (with Flow3D)
  • Spray Optimization ( with Flow3D and Flir A300 Thermal Camera)
  • Special Cooling Systems Design
  • Special Core Pin Applications
  • Decreasing the Cycle Time Aplications
  • Solitions with using The Special Materials
  • Shot Profile Optimizations ...etc


General Mould Types:


  • SDC Concept
  • with 3 Plates, with 4 Plates
  • Vacumm Aplications
  • Inlay Applications
  • Squeze Pin Applications
  • Chill Block Application
  • Hidden Sliders Applications
  • Scraper Plate Aplications
  • Slider in Slider Aplications ...etc