In the sanctum of our creative domain resides 'The Flow 3D®,' an eloquent symphony of high-pressure die casting simulation. A muse to our designers, it gracefully guides them through the delicate dance of high-precision flow, the poetry of solidification, and the intricate choreography of defect tracking, micro-porosity, mold erosion, and thermal stress.


       Flow 3D®, a visionary maestro, breathes life into the process of high-pressure die casting, transforming potential pitfalls into poetic possibilities. With its ethereal gaze, it unravels the tapestry of quality and performance issues, offering an effortless solution in a realm of short timelines and frugal costs. Before the steel mold takes its form, Flow 3D® becomes the oracle, unraveling alternative design concepts through simulations, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to creation.


      These simulations, akin to the prelude before a grand performance, actively engage in sculpting the mold's performance, resolving potential customer experiences before the production curtain rises. In the realm of possibilities, Flow 3D® stands as a guiding luminary, illuminating the path of innovation and mastery in the craft of mold development.


    Our philosophy of simulation process is ‘’One shot, one goal ‘’