Surface Treatments


     The canvas of mold surfaces bears witness to the intense ballet of thermal and mechanical forces, a consequence of the aluminizing dance with intricate components and the crescendo of heightened productivity. In this symphony, the elevated load begets a poetic interplay of micro-cracking and stress, a duet born of mechanical fatigue.


     Antrametal, as the maestro of precision, orchestrates a variety of surface operations akin to brushstrokes on this canvas. These strokes, crafted with finesse, transcend mere protection; they are a shield against the specters of soldering, micro-cracking, chipping, and galling. Each operation, an ode to craftsmanship, not only safeguards but elevates, producing surfaces of uninterrupted splendor in the illustrious manufacturing program of Antrametal.


Coating and Surface operations to apply:




 -PVD Coating

 -Dublex Coating

 -Balinit Series ( Triton, Alcrona, Alnova.. )


 -CrN, AlNi etc